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Resumes are supposed to be formal, but I am not a formal person. What I am about here is sharing what I see and getting people excited beauty for its own sake. And I am going to do that with as little embelishment as possible. Here are a few places where my work has been seen in the past. Maybe you have encountered some of my photographs in your journeys...


Where do we learn what we value the most? From people who love us and want to see us succeed. Teachers. Family. Friends and mentors. Education is what we make of it. My formal education was in Writing and English. My personal education, supported by all of the above people, has been about the natural world and living in the moment. So thanks to my mother - Patti Christie, Gould Academy, Deborah Shea, Jennifer "Clyde" Webster, David & Michelle Larsen, Robert Priddy, my mentors - Jay Kranyik & Rob Breault, and my other half, Larry Norman for all the teachings and support.

Walking the World: An Occupant of Planet Earth

This footnote in the continuing saga of an opinionated yankee living in the south is brought to you by many years of roaming.


  • Gallery One - Images of the Natural World
  • Blue Spiral 1 - New Work, New Artists
  • Swain County Center for the Arts - Regional Artists
  • Graham County Arts Center - Art About Local Olympians

Books & Magazines

  • Cover - The Playboater's Guide to the Ocoee River
  • Cover - Our Town Magazine
  • Duke Magazine - Olympic Feature Article
  • Cooking Light - Healthy Activity Featured Article
  • Discovery Insight Travel Guides - Paddle Sports
  • First Place - NC Year of the Mountains Outdoor Recreation
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